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Design a Custom Rug

Thank you for choosing Cushion Pros to create your custom rug.

Our website has been engineered to be user friendly. Follow the step-by-step process to design your custom needs. Your price will be displayed above the tab tool bar. Simply press [add to cart] after you have completed the design process.

Easy steps:

  1. Select the size
  2. Fabric
  3. Quantity

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Select Fabric

Each fabric image represents its respective fabric color, however due to monitor resolution, browser rendering, etc., Cushion Pros highly recommends ordering fabric swatches 2" x 3" in size first.

For best results please use the filtering options.

Submitting Customer Own Fabric (COF)

Do you have your own fabric? No problem. Simply choose our ‘customer own fabric’ (COF) button during the custom cushion designer tool process, send us your fabric and we will create your cushion from your own material.
Begin by:
  • Consider the repeat, cording, and stripe patterns when determining the yardage requirements.
  • If you are using a different COF for the cording indicate which fabric is to be used for the cording and which fabric is to be used for the body of your cushion.
  • If using striped fabric, indicate the direction the stripes should run.
  • If your fabric is reversible indicate which side of the fabric you wish to use.
Mail your fabric to:
Cushion Pros
1120 Everee Inn Road
Griffin, Georgia 30224

Customer owned fabric selected.

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